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Hydraulic Power Unit Design

Learn about hydraulic power units and how they work

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Things You Will Learn

Learn what hydraulic power units are designed to do and how they work. Understand what components they use and how to control their performance.

HU01 - Hydraulic Power Unit Basics

power unit build

This module will explain the main functions of hydraulic power units and introduces the range components that they use. We discuss the reasons why each component is used and their importance in different applications. Topics include:

  • What Hydraulic Power Units are used for
  • How Hydraulic Power Units work
  • Different types of Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic Power Unit Basic Training

Video Instruction Interactive Experiment

HU02 - Hydraulic Power Unit Performance

power unit test

This module will explain the performance characteristics of hydraulic power units and provides more detail on the functions and requirement for the range components that they use. We provide tips and standard design limits for a range of applications. Topics include:

  • Tips for operating and maintaining hydraulic power units
  • Typical operating characteristics of hydraulic power units
  • How to specifyhydraulic power units
  • Design Tips, techniques and potential issues

Hydraulic Power Unit Advanced Training

Video Instruction Interactive Experiment

HU03 - Power Unit Design Example

power unit design guide

This application will guide you through the design of a hydraulic power unit. Features include:

  • Specifying the input loads against output loads
  • Checking performance against all operating conditions and efficiencies
  • Adding specific electric motor and pump data
  • Checking the reservoir sizing and thermal performance
  • Specifying cooling capacity

Start Power Unit Design Example

Video Instruction Interactive Experiment

Applies to the following areas

This module applies to both mobile and industrial applications although much of the more comprehensive control features will generally only be used in industrial applications. Lower cost power units in the industrial sector are very similar to the simpler mobile power units.

Target Audience

Operating hydraulic equipment (Basic course)

Managing or purchasing hydraulic equipment.

Maintenance Engineers repairing hydraulic equipment.

Hydraulic equipment designers (Pro. course)

Previous knowledge required

Students are expected to be familiar with:

Basic course

1. Where hydraulic fluid power is used e.g. types of machines and industries.

2. Basic hydraulic circuit layout.

3. Able to recognise hydraulic component and their symbols.

Pro. course

4. The operation of hydraulic fluid power equipment.

5. Understand hydraulic components and where they are used.

6. Able to read hydraulic circuit and their symbols.

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