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Commonly asked questions

What are the course options

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Simply follow our self-study worksheets and training record.

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Where do I join?

Subscribe here for only $17.50 (£12.50) or pay by credit card here

Contact usto discuss or get an annual or mult-user membership.

A single annual membership costs £60 ($80 USD) via PayPal or Credit Card.

What is included in the price?

Registered users get 100% access to ALL of the website training. Monthly subscriptions can be canceled at any time without losing the time you've paid for. An annual license lasts for one year only. The multi-user licenses include access to additional teacher lesson plans and all mobile app unlock codes.

Monthly subscriptions are via PayPal (they accept all major credit cards). For annual and multi-user licenses we accept PayPal or bank transfers etc.

Companies and classrooms?

You can use our content to run your in-house company or classroom course. We support teachers and trainers with lesson plans and support tools for group or individual learning. Most applications work well as homework on mobile phones.

You will need a site license based on your class size. Contact us for 'teach the teacher' resources.

Can I save my results?


  • Download and follow the self-study lesson plans.
  • Select the appropriate lesson plans using the course planner or your tutor's advice.
  • Complete the virtual test rig experiments and interactive quizzes, then post your results to an LRS.
  • Combine the LRS results with your finished coursework record sheets to provide a complete, professional competency record.

See our xAPI section here.

Can I get a qualification?

Our lesson plans provide a record of the training content you have covered. The LRS outputs demonstrate your results and skill level, these are recorded automatically as proof to employers. We can provide a certificate confirming what you have done but it is charged for and can only summarise this information. Our course content covers most of the international qualifications content and many schools and colleges use this as part of their own qualifications. We recommend that companies use our resources as part of their in-house training towards verifying employees 'safe to work' passport. Our course modules cover all skill levels but we have a range of suggested lesson plans for different users.

For more information on storing results in a Learning Management Systems (LMS) see our xAPI section here.

Is the website or phone app better?

If you have a PC, use the website. If you only have a smartphone then use the app. But try both to see which you prefer. The content is practically the same, it's just that the website is usually easier to see and operate.

The phone version needs several apps to access all of the simulations. Most apps will work without Wi-Fi or a phone signal. The phone app can also be configured with custom training menus and no links back to the website.

Are the software downloads included in the price?

The .exe download for the circuit builder simulation is the same as the website program except it can save new circuits. This software download is NOT part of the website license and has a separate registration system. It is available to teachers as part of the multiuser license or can be purchased separately.

How do I cancel a subscription?

We do not request your money, it is controlled by your own PayPal account. We suggest you cancel straight away if you only want one year. Your account will stay active for the whole year. To cancel:

1. Go to Settings at the top right under your username.

2. Select Account Settings.

3. Below 'Business Profile', click Money, banks & cards.

4. Next to 'Automatic payments', click Manage Automatic Payments.

5. Click the agreement you want to view then cancel its status.

User licenses and piracy?

Website registration is for one, named, user only. It is not transferable. We monitor usage data and evidence of misuse can result in login code suspension or exclusion from the site, with no refund. DO NOT give your access codes to other people.

You are NOT permitted to use any of the website content as part of your own training course to teach others or make any videos or course material using the content, without prior written permission from

Updating to the latest version?

Browsers often cache the Javascript apps and will not allow you to refresh to the latest version. This is a real pain. The only solution is to use http instead of https or another browser or PC. If you know of anything else to overcome this then please let us know.

Comparisons with FluidSim, AmeSim, Automation Studio etc.

Our circuit builder simulation package and virtual hydraulic test rigs are not the same as FluidSim, or similar simulation packages. They cost and perform quite differently. Users must select the one that best fits their needs and almost certainly start with our program before moving on to the dynamic simulation packages as they progress. It's likely that switch will only happen at advanced maintenance technician to experienced design engineer stage.

The key difference is that the advanced simulation packages are fully dynamic which require complex models for valve switching and fluid compliance. Our program uses only steady-state operation with basic valve sizes and setting variables.

With dynamic simulations it's far too easy to use incorrect parameters, such as valve leakage, which leads to incorrect results. These programs are best used by experienced design engineers who understand the complex component detail and have the time to build competent circuits that will avoid potential performance errors. Students new to hydraulics are likely to spend more time learning the program than the hydraulics and very few people use these programs in industry.

Our circuit builder is basic enough to work as a website app with no extra cost or time to install. Students with minimal knowledge can open and test example circuits or edit component values using a simple educational game interface, and little chance of entering 'silly' values. This product is designed as an easy to use teaching aid for people up to maintenance technician, or basic system design level.

Remember, very little is new in fluid power, every system has been built and tested many times before so hydraulic design is generally a case of selecting a circuit and components that best achieve the performance, cost, and reliability required. While you consider fluid as incompressible then our circuit builder is fine. Once you start considering fluid compressibility and system dynamics then you'll need something more time consuming, expensive, and faster.