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Want to become a Fluid Power Expert?

Do you want to understand the basic principles that drive all hydraulic equipment?

Most people can play chess, but only the experts recognise the strategies and can predict the effect that each move will have in five moves time. Hydraulic designs are similar. We can all recognise the basic components but most circuits could have been achieved in a number of different ways.

We give you the knowledge and tools to recognise the basic hydraulic strategies that designers use so that you can quickly identify potential faults and plan preventative measures to extend equipment life. Join Here

Want to solve breakdowns quickly?

Do you want to learn how to identify faults quickly or prevent the failures happening in the first places?

Our expert training will help you understand the root cause of all hydraulic issues and our tips and troubleshooting tools will help you quickly resolve issues, just like an expert. Join Here

Want to justify a pay rise?

If you want to impress your boss then you may need more than simply reducing equipment breakdowns.

We provide certificates for work complete that can lead to official qualifications and justify your promotion. Join Here

Want to train people Safely?

In-house training courses are expensive, time-consuming and not unique to each person. On the job training can be dangerous.

We provide Virtual Hydraulic Test Rigs that allow people to learn in safety 24/7. Students can access advice when it's needed and enjoy the benefits of life-long learning.Join Here

Need a custom training course?

Hydraulic equipment is used in a wide range of applications and not all of the same principles apply to each situation. Whether you are a purchaser, maintenance engineer, manager, or designer.

We provide individual lesson plans that are combined to create a complete custom training course, tailored to each person's exact requirements. Join Here

Need quality training at a price you can afford?

Access all courses, tutorials, simulations, videos, animation, expert content, quizzes, and lesson plans for under $25 for a whole year.

We give you the best value hydraulic training ever. Join Here

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fluid power t-shirt

As well as a certificate, our best performing member will recieve a free fluid power T-shirt. Members will need to be part of the certificate program and the winner will be picked from the first year of student results.

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