Privacy Policy

Learn how we try to protect your privacy

Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. We only keep the minimum amount of information when absolutely necessary e.g. membership registration details to allow us to restore accounts in the event of failures.

We use Google adverts if you do not subscribe. You can manage how Google track your data on their management settings.


It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the information provided by this site is appropriate for their equipment. All design calculations must be made and recorded using methods other than our online design guides due to the risks of Javascript floating point or long number errors. Engineering Adventures, or any of its employees or contributors cannot be held responsible work designed on the basis of our training information.

Phone App Privacy

Our free or 'paid for' phone apps do NOT access any personal or location data apart from reading your username to save you time typing it. We send no information back to our servers.

No data or communication is sent to or from your phone unless the user chooses to send results data back via email or LRS posting, or download new courses, quizzes, or button lists.

We will not send you notifications unless you ask us to contact you.

We will not send you notifications unless you ask us.

If you choose to send information back to yourself via the inbuilt email system then you have the option to send a copy to ourselves so that we can send it on to our partners in your area, to potentially forward you a price for the equipment.

We have no advertising or usage stats built into our phone apps, apart from recording scores from internal quizzes. However, all phone software companies record when and how many people use each program and we do have access to this information.

We are no plans or intentions to sell or use your data in any way.

Website Privacy

No phone or PC information of any type is accessed or used by this website.

We only use cookies to save user details and quiz or app scores for your own personal results records.

Google Analytics Information monitors visitor traffic using Google Analytics. We do not monitor or have any access to visitor names or details unless you have signed up to our Pro-Training courses. For registered users we do NOT track what pages are visited. User can post the results from their exercises to their own LRS or LMS system. do not keep copies of these results.

We do not use any information for marketing or resale in any way. If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy of then please use our contact form to reach us.