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Online Fluid Power Training

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Structured course lesson plans

Includes a range of pre-prepared courses with clear lesson plans that have been adapted to suit all candidate levels.
Created by industry experts, these courses provide the confidence and resources to deliver effective training.

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Experiment on Virtual Test Rigs

Learn by Doing.

Students will learn in safety by experimenting on a wide range of virtual component and system test rigs. Interactive simulations allow them to explore the subject principles, components, and system designs to ensure they fully understand the theories involved.

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Explore fundamental principles

Understand the scientific theories that allow hydraulic control to function and explore the key parameters using the interactive, visual calculators that reinforce their importance.

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hydraulic circuit training

Experiment with components and circuits

Operate basic components and experiment with simple circuits to gain an in-depth knowledge of how each system will perform.

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Component simulations

Explore system maintenance issues

Interactive exercises teach the key maintenance issues while students must demonstrate their understanding and use the correct test equipment to diagnose specific faults.

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Circuit simulation and diagnostics

A simple to use circuit simulation program enables users to load, build, and test a wide range of hydraulic circuits. Valves can be operated and simple exercises followed to explore what happens when cylinder loads or valve settings are changed.

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Learn, Practice, Understand

Quick fundamental tutorials. Detailed advice and instructional videos structured for each student level. These cover what each component does, where it is used, how it works, the different types available, settings and characteristics, and tips and tricks for maintenance. Fun quizzes used to re-enforce key principles

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How to get a hydraulic qualification

Integrated Learning Record Store (LRS)

Allows teachers to monitor student's progress by exporting results to any LRS or LMS system using the industry standard xapi posting.

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Learning record store

Training when you need it

Resources are available 24/7 via the website and mobile phone apps. Students can access the content at any time via a computer, laptop, tablet, chrome book, or smartphone. Ideal for homework or extending the more able students.

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