Instrumentation and Testing

Learn about the types of instrumentation how to use them

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Things You Will Learn

Learn about the different types of instrumentation. How they work and where and how they should be used. This section will help you understand which measurements should be made to test and diagnose your hydraulic system.

HT01 - Instrumentation types and techniques

Pressure measurements

This module will explain the different types of measuring instruments commonly used on fluid power systems. We will discuss how they work, benefits, limitations and operating considerations. Issues discussed include:

  • Terminology Relevant to Instrumentation
  • Common issues or points to be aware of
  • Hydraulic Pressure Measurement
  • Contamination Particle Counters
  • Hydraulic Flow Meters
  • Fluid Level Gauges
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Microscopic Analysis

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HT02 - Example Hydraulic Test Result Analysis

hydraulic testing

This module will explain some typical hydraulic test result signals you may receive when using the different types of hydraulic instrumentation. We will discuss some of the potential issues for why they may be occuring:

  • Hydraulic Pressure Vs Time Signal
  • Hydraulic Flow against Pressure Measurement

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